Recent Client Testimonials

Arguably Sydney's best criminal lawyer. From the initial phone conversation, Joseph has maintained his empathetic & knowledgeable manner throughout my case. He can also be easily contacted and responds to any queries promptly.

All went smoothly according to his advice & guidance. I would highly recommend Joseph & his team without hesitation. Much appreciated,

T Tran

I have sought representation from Joseph Nashed for two separate matters. On both occasions Joseph demonstrated his clear ability to successfully defend my case. Josephs defence, strategy and negotiation skills are quite simply second to none, providing outstanding results that I did not expect.

I have not since required the services of Joseph for a few years now however I have referred a number of people to Joseph for matters ranging from driving related through to more serious and aggravated offences. I have only heard very positive feedback. It is for these reasons that I can highly recommend Joseph to anyone seeking the services of a skilled Criminal defence lawyer.


Joseph has incredible presence in the court room and is highly respected by Judges. He is by far the best lawyer I’ve had. I received an amazing result. Well done Joseph. Highly recommended.

Anthony Volpicella

Joseph is a truly gifted lawyer. He fought so hard for me and the result was ALL CHARGES DISMISSED. I cannot thank him enough and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for the best lawyer.

Aboubacar Sangary

Joseph is an incredible lawyer with great skill. His questions during cross-examination in Court amazed me. All charges and the AVO were dismissed as a result, and I can't begin to thank him enough. I recommend him for all your criminal matters.

Thank you so much Joseph,

S Saidy

Joseph is an astounding man that can adapt, think ahead, and make decisions where it's needed, working together with you to achieve the results you vision under his guidance. His passion and coherence reflects not only in his experience in Law, but as a person whom is truly gifted!!!

You support was phenomenal! Thank you Joseph Nashed, I wish many blessings for you into the future!!

Richard Melton

Joseph is a passionate genius. He is a true artist of his craft and also received complements from the judge as to how well written his submission was for us. I've never felt in safer hands as he lead us through to victory. Going above and beyond to make things right. He has an enormous presence in the court room and well respected by his peers A very magnetic soul, we are forever grateful for your gifted natural talent Joseph.

Amanda W.

If you're looking for a great criminal lawyer, look no further. I'm 57 years old, and all through my life I have had numerous lawyers represent me and was always left disappointed with the results. Joseph Nashed restored my faith. With only two weeks to prepare a case for my son who was in jail looking like doing some serious time, Joseph amazingly got the best result possible. Even the lawyer sitting next to me looked over with a surprised look on his face and said to me, 'What a great result". I then went straight from the courthouse to pick up my son from the correctional Centre.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for all your help Joseph

R. Camilleri

Dear Joseph,

I would like to thank you sincerely for the remarkable result you have achieved for me in Court today.

I attended Court with the hope of receiving a good outcome, however you were able to persuade the Magistrate into handing down a result beyond my expectations!

This result would not have been possible without your solid preparation, persuasive skills, courtroom techniques and extensive knowledge of the law.

I know that for you it’s just another day in Court Joseph, but you are literally a miracle, having everything given to me on a gold platter was a treat, thanks to you.

I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for nothing less than the best in the business.

That huge smile I had on my face after leaving Court has not faded!

Kindest regardsNick Ivers

Joseph Nashed has been representing my 19-year-old son for 12 months on three criminal matters. Through his hard work and dedication two of the matters have been resolved without criminal record, the 3rd is still on foot.

Joseph is professional, caring, empathetic, understanding and passionate about what he does. He cares about the outcomes and the impacts that a criminal record would have on a young person's future.

He is always contactable and reliable. As parents we have found Joseph to be honest, transparent and compassionate. I would highly recommend his services, as you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Joseph for being there for us, not only from a legal point of view, but as a parent that understands young people.

Emma Tuni

Joseph has been tremendous with my son's case, he will work with you when times are tough financially. We were so blessed that Joseph Nashed represented my son and received the best outcome that families pray for. Joseph Nashed has a wonderful presentation will have a laugh with you and still remain professional with what he does. We highly recommend Joseph Nashed for those who want the best outcome and Joseph Nashed will always be honest with you and will always have the best solution to help with your case. So thank you so much Joseph Nashed for all your hard work, getting the best outcome we wanted. God Bless.

Timothy Time

Joseph has been a professional since day one, and I knew straight away that he will deliver. I have never found it hard to get in touch with him and found him to be very knowledgeable in what he does.

A hard working individual who has in turn produced a great result for my case. It was his hard work that left the prosecution with no option but to withdraw all charges against me on the morning of the hearing.

Thank you Joseph


Dear Joseph,
We are writing in relation to our recent matter for which you provided representation. It is with great pleasure we submit our testimonial as acknowledgement of the outstanding, comprehensive and highly experienced level of service we were offered.

Our case was quite complex and as we have had no previous experience within the criminal defence area, we were unsure of how to proceed and indeed if we had any options in relation to the matter.

We were very relieved and reassured after our initial consultation; in fact we were highly impressed with your ability to suggest a clear and sensible defence strategy.

On the day of the court appearance you delivered a well structured and convincing summation which saw us leave the court with the desired outcome of not guilty.

I would highly recommend your service to anyone seeking down to earth, understandable and affordable quality defence representation.

Thank you once again Joseph, without your assistance we may have been in a very different situation.

Yours Sincerely,The Boulton Family

Dear Joseph,
We would like to thank you for all you have done in relation to our case. This was a very stressful time and you were able to relieve some of that stress every time we met with you or spoke on the phone. We appreciated how you always returned our calls even with your busy schedule. We never had to chase you for information as you always kept us up to date in our case. Your fees were very reasonable and we feel we received great service for our money.

We would highly recommend you to anyone. We have never dealt with a legal issue of this nature before and we feel so fortunate to have found you and utilised your services. We felt we were in safe and trustworthy hands the whole time. You certainly are someone who excels in their field and we are so grateful for the positive outcome in our case.

Once again thank you so much.

RegardsDavid & Doris Camara

Hi Joseph,
I would like to take this time to thank you personally for all of your help during this sensitive time in my life. This was a very anxious time and nothing like I have ever had to deal with before. Being charged with a serious offence is a very nerve racking experience and having someone on my side who had nothing but my best interests at heart was extremely comforting. The anxiety of a possible criminal conviction weighed heavily on me while waiting for trial, however, your professionalism and knowledge in law helped ease my concerns.

Every aspect of your service was of the highest pedigree; your time keeping was superb, you were always there to listen and answer my many questions and your conduct in court went far beyond any one could ever expect. Above all, the advice given to me to tackle this serious charge made all the difference in obtaining the best possible result which was, of course, no conviction recorded. I of course had my doubts and worries, however, following your advice and listening to your sound reasoning for the advice given, I was able to get this fantastic result.

I can once again move forward with my life thanks to you Joseph and I would recommend your services to any one seeking a professional criminal lawyer who needs someone to fight on their behalf.

Now that the anxiety from the charge is gone, my life is back on track. I will never forget the help and support you have given me and hopefully, we will never meet again under these circumstances, however, if I ever do find myself in trouble again, you will be the first person I contact.

Gratefully yoursBrian Thompson

Dear Joseph,
Thank you very much for your professional guidance and counsel in my case.

I am extremely grateful for your prompt and professional work ethic in handling my case from the very first time I contacted you till it's successful resolution.

You were able to summarize very succinctly my case details in our very first meeting and outline a very successful case strategy in order to achieve the best possible outcome for me and work towards achieving it.

What impressed me the most was the prompt manner in which you kept constant contact with me throughout the entire process.

This is the most reassuring quality any client can ask for in a professional lawyer.
Thank you once again and I wish you are able to help the greatest possible number of clients in need for legal representation, for they like me truly deserve the professional counsel of a lawyer like your good self.

Yours sincerelyJ Bantval.

Dear Joseph,
I wish to thank you for a job well done in a very difficult situation.

I thank you for getting the truth out which ultimately achieved no criminal conviction against my name.

I really appreciate it and hope you have continued success.

G. Bulger

Dear Joseph,
This last one and a half years have simply been a nightmare for us. So to be able to write this testimonial today feels unreal, given the outstanding result that was eventually achieved.

We have never been in such a situation before, so we were very much at sea when we initially got to know about the serious charges we faced. I am very grateful that we came across you.

Right from explaining the entire process, educating us, attending court on behalf of us, your availability/accessibility (I know how by you are) & supporting us in general, you have been absolutely fantastic! Moreover, your positive outlook even in dire circumstances has kept us going.

Also, the selection of the Barrister was simply spot on. You knew the type of person required for such a complicated matter. Your teamwork with him is commendable. We couldn't have been happier with how things have unfolded.

Today, it seems like a huge load has been lifted of our shoulders, and that we have received our lives back. It's hard to believe that we have come out of this unscratched given the extreme circumstances that we were in. If there is anybody I know who is in a similar situation, I know where to send them. Keep doing the great job in making a difference in people's lives.

The Hassan Family.

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